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About 420 Risk Management

420 Risk Management serves to provide organized and easy to use and implement risk management training for regulatory guidelines that pertain to the cannabis industry.  This includes marijuana grows, medicinal and recreational dispensaries as well as extraction labs and bakeries.  

Compliance and Risk Management is mandatory and essential to establish a sound structure and day-to-day protocols for any business in any industry.  Importantly, the time it can take to learn and implement these many requirements can be overwhelming to small and large businesses alike.  Often times the added difficulty in knowing who to ask or where to look for information can be time consuming as well. 

With this understanding and keeping your business priorities in mind, our team has created a comprehensive education and training library (audio/video) for the many regulatory requirements and topics that are necessary for your learning and implementation.  Customer service is a priority to us as well which is why we have an on-demand helpdesk available to our members which allows you to reach out to our team with questions and receive information and references, saving you time and allowing you to focus on your daily business activities.

Our team comes with extensive certification and experience in healthcare and alternative healthcare compliance and regulation.  We look forward to serving you!


The mission of our team is to provide necessary and need-to-know training and education on compliance and risk management to the cannabis industry.  Our goal is to help industry owners and workers build a stronger foundation for their businesses and minimize risk of incident or error to the lowest possible level.  


Brandy Brimhall


Amber Bacca

Compliance and Administrative Consultant