Risk Mangament
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What if I have a question and would like to speak with someone?

We are happy to speak with you over the phone or an online meeting space such as Skype (or others). We do try to answer most questions via HelpDesk but there are instances where verbal communication may be necessary. In this event, simply submit your request along with some general topic information to the HelpDesk and we will schedule a time and manner that is convenient for you to speak with one of our team. Half or full hour pay-per-call rates will apply though you will be informed of this upon scheduling.

Can we use training lessons for new employees and established employees?

Absolutely! Training lessons are designed to help you meet requirements and efficiently provide necessary training to your new workforce members as well as meet annual training requirements for established workforce members. We also have training and education specific to the owners, compliance officers and/or managers of the different types of marijuana facilities so as to help you learn, establish, and maintain compliance and manage your risk. Training lessons are labeled accordingly for your easy reference.

What if we have a question or are looking for training in a topic that we aren't able to find in the Library?

While we make a great effort to ensure the need-to-know subjects are included in the Library, compliance and regulatory guidelines are very extensive. In the event you are looking for training or information on a subject that you don't see in the Library, please submit this question and subject to our HelpDesk as we will immediately research that topic, answer your question, and prepare a Library training on this topic as well.

How often is new training content added?

New and updated training material is added to our Library on a monthly basis, sometimes more frequently! This includes lesson updates and brand new lessons. We do our best to make sure federal rules and regulations are all up to date and all included in our library as well as state specific material.