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OSHA is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.  OSHA is a Federal program which also includes many federal-approved state OSHA plans as well.  The goal of OSHA is to minimize the risk of injury or illness of workforce members by requiring employers to implement, train and maintain specific safety related standards in the work environment.  

OSHA has identified cannabis facilities as a new industry and therefore takes great interest in this industry, with the expectation that facilities may not be aware of and therefore are not likely adhering to these workforce safety requirements.  The 420 Risk Management office has already received notification of cannabis facilities that have had OSHA investigators on-site and assessing penalties for non-compliance.  

OSHA penalties can be significant and crippling to businesses of all types.  Employee complaints and numerous work comp liability claims from cannabis facilities are just two of the areas that have attracted a great deal of OSHA's interest to the cannabis industry.  OSHA has great motivation for ensuring their safety standards are properly trained upon and implemented, not only in respect to best ensuring workforce safety but also in financial penalties assessed to facilities.  

The best approach for any facility is always the proactive approach.  Learn more about how 420 Risk Management can provide essential training, documents, helpdesk and other resources to your facility for appropriate new employee, established employee, manager, and owner training for OSHA and other critical regulatory requirements for the cannabis industry.