Risk Mangament


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) provides guideline and structure to preserve and protect identifying information of patients. HIPAA does through two main elements which include the comprehensive HIPAA Privacy guidelines as well as HIPAA Security guidelines.  At this time, HIPAA does not include Medicinal Marijuana Dispensaries as Covered Entities because dispensaries do not bill third party insurances.  However, notably, medicinal marijuana dispensaries do receive, create, maintain, access, store, and transmit protected identifying information.  Due to this, medicinal marijuana dispensaries are subject to many components of the HIPAA Privacy and Security guidelines so as to best preserve and protect the integrity of protected identifying information.  Training and education lessons in our Risk Management Library address the need-to-know criteria so as to enable your facility to ensure your workforce is properly trained according to requirements, appropriate policy and procedural guidelines are well defined and in place, along with other important risk management necessities in this category.